Van Hoorn Carbide

The Best Solution

Van Hoorn Carbide end mills are specially designed for your specific applications. The end mills are being produced on the most advanced machines in the market with the best European carbides. Because we offer extreme narrow tolerances for our Van Hoorn Carbide end mills you can work extremely accurate and save a lot on finishing.

The end mills are equipped with specifically tailored geometries and coatings designed to give you the optimum standard solution. All cutters are subjected to a visual inspection. This enables us to guarantee you the best possible quality.

In short, the perfect tool for every application!

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PARA Tooling

General applications

These carbide end mills are also produced in our high-tech production facility at our headquarters in Weert. There are manufactured from standard carbides and then given standard coatings. Their geometries are derived from the older generation Van Hoorn Carbide end mills and therefore still very useful! These end mills are inspected visually by sampling. Because the costs of developing PARA Tooling end mills are lower, we can offer you these at very competitive pricing.

Perfect for smaller production companies and general applications.

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